Marketing trends may change year after year but what may never change is the one challenge marketing campaigns bring; a consistent and large audience. How do you engage an audience when brands change? and when trends change? Through the use of consistent, creative product placement.


Gone are the days of simply posting a generic image via social media platforms with a captivating caption. Enticing a consumer with words and digital imagery alone is no longer enough. The digital age has brought a new age of sophisticated consumers. It has also brought the need for much more creative product placement. But how do you build an epic campaign ?


A fine example of marketing and product placement is the movie series monsters inc. The marketing team behind the movies didn't just put up a poster up or buy premium advertising spots through cable providers. They also created a whole website simulating a collegiate institution, they then plastered their advertisements all over promoting the concept that real engagement could occur by providing an interactive advertising and marketing tool.


Putting up a simulated website to promote a children's movie went beyond stellar advertising. Their marketing team was now capable of tracking data. Using this type of data along with creative marketing of a product can help marketers understand how well their campaign was performing and the true demographic the movie appealed to.


In this very quickly moving digital age, promotion is critical. Beyond an excellent marketing scheme, promotional products can leave a memory in the consumers mind. The use of strategically placed promotional products can only help drive traffic to your campaign. One party favor, one pen or even one notepad with the use of creative marketing can be just enough to establish a campaign. Suffice it to say, thinking outside the box and being unconventional about putting your brand or concept in front of the biggest audience possible is a surefire way to build an epic campaign.