Meet Accent - BrandedbyAccent

The question is: are you the lucky person?


 A team you can work with.

At Accent, we use automation to make ourselves more efficient. But not for customer service. No matter how large we grow - we will pick up our phone every time. Adapt your order at the last second before production. Invoice you on December 31st instead of January 1st, because you said so. We're here for you.




Because we care. 

The Kamloops discovery of 2020 drove our Accent team to action. We were determined to make a difference in the lives of under privileged children. No Kid Hungry is working to support children in America today by ensuring that they get the healthy food they deserve. Accent is dedicated to helping out those in need, and we are donating a portion of all profits from 2021 to No Kid Hungry.



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