5 Apps to Make You More Productive

  • Jun 12, 2017

5 Apps to Make You More Productive  

The internet is full of tips and tricks to increase your productivity, including a long list of apps for all of your devices. We've pulled together a list of the best apps on the market, which are guaranteed to help you get things done. Just remember, too much technology can be more of a distraction than a benefit. For this reason, you should only pick one or two apps to get you started. 


List makers of the world, rejoice! Wunderlist is consistently rated one of the best productivity apps available. The easy-to-use interface allows you create as many lists as you'd like, as well as the ability to file them appropriately. Other great features include the ability to log on from anywhere and the option to share lists with colleagues.

Price: Free


Scientists have long known that music can impact mood and productivity. Focus@Will takes that scientific data and transforms it into your personalized playlist. After asking a few questions, the app will individually curate your perfect productivity playlist.

Price: Free

Habit List

You know that getting away from your desk can increase productivity, but how often do you actually do it? Habit List encourages those good habits. The app allows you to set goals (go for a walk twice a week, drink three glasses of water a day) and tracks how close you are to creating a habit.

Price: $3.99


Everyone has heard of Evernote, but is it really all it's cracked up to be? The answer is yes! Evernote allows you to store just about anything, from work documents to photos to sketches. This app does it all and you can use it on both mobile devices and desktops.

Price: Free


Sometimes you just need to put your phone away. If your phone is a constant distraction, Forest is for you. When you're ready to focus, simply tap the app and plant a tree. The tree will grow while you work, but your tree will die if you leave the app. The more trees you plant, the larger your forest grows (and the more work you get done!) 

Price: $1.99

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